White Label SaaS Company SEO Site Case Study

About Business

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company

High-value contracts make even low-volume keywords lucrative

Had existing content but lacked rankings and growth


No previous Google penalties

Insufficient link authority to boost content rankings

Highly competitive space with expensive CPC keywords

What We Did

Identified 114 "easy win" keywords with $20 avg CPC to target

Found 301 competitive keyword gaps with 300-10,000 monthly searches

Created monthly link building campaigns with diverse anchor text

Guest posted links to easy win keywords and product pages

Published 1000-word blog posts targeting content gap keywords each month



Massive spike in keyword rankings after only 2 months

Organic Traffice

Organic traffic growth following suit and increasing steadily

patient booking

Strong potential for more traffic and revenue as links age and site climbs to page 1


Strategic content creation and authoritative links deliver powerful results

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